Choosing My Words, Perfecting My Theme, Releasing my 2014, + Retiring From Stratejoy

Happy 2015, Internet.

I spent the last few weeks of the year spending much needed time with my family and closest friends.

But of course I make time for my newfound YouTube obsession, and my older-than-time obsession with all of you.

I have been binge reading all of your new 2015 posts where you announce what your themes for 2015 are going to be. I’m loving all of your brilliance and dedication. It gives me all those damn feels.

I got turned onto creating a theme for your year rather than resolutions via Molly Mahar and her Holiday Council. Many other people take this approach too. The basic idea is instead of creating specific goals, like “Lose weight” you choose a word that resonates with you… like… “Clean”. And that could go from clean eating to thinking with less clutter to even being physically with less clutter. You make the rules, cowboy.

One of my favorite local bloggers, Jessica Lawlor has chosen her three words for 2015. (Read more about ’em here)

The very well know Chris Brogan has been choosing his three words for many years now, and this year is no different. (Read Chris’ rockstar words here).

What About Me?

I’m currently sitting on my couch, drinking my favorite coffee and coloring – my new favorite way of de-stressing and brainstorming.

My goal of the day is to choose my three words as well as doing my yearly releasing ceremony, which in itself causes me a lot of anxiety each year. Because I take the releasing ceremony so seriously, I sometimes have a difficult time admitting that I need to make a break away from a habit / relationship, and then making that promise to myself to actually do it. I’m a girl of excuses of why I don’t need to stop something, or how it could be healthy.

It was much easier to do this year since I realized my own trend of being a relationship hoarder. I tend to hold onto people and relationships until the very last minute just in case they can teach me something else need me. I’m an ISFJ, after all. The queen of being needed.

But with a lot of soul searching I was able to get super clear on what I wanted out of relationships and if I wasn’t getting what I wanted, I’d ask for it And if I still didn’t get it, then I chose to redirect the energy of wondering WHY I wasn’t getting what I wanted, to finding new relationships or strengthening old ones.

One big change I did already make this year was retiring from my 5 year Community Management role with Stratejoy. You can read about my decision to do that that right here.

For once in my life, the people who are in my daily orbit are the people I want there. They remind me that I’m of value, and they continue to help me show my best side. They accept me for who I am, and continue to help me grow in my best possible light. And the support is incredible.

I’ve lost a few people this year, both in death as well as realizing they’re just not on the same page as I am. It’s a tragic loss that makes me sad, but at the same time, and in each case, there was someone new there (an old friend, a new friend) to remind me that people change, and life does go on.

So. Keep those posts coming, guys. I’m digging the inspiration. I’ll be over here prepping for me releasing ceremony, narrowing down my three words, and creating my vision board, which is always one of my favorite parts of the new year.

Let’s kick ass, 2015.