About Katie


 Hi. I’m Katie Colihan. I blog. 

updated July 10th, 2013


I was born and raised in New Jersey. I currently live and work in Philadelphia.

I have a deep love for Pancakes, Dexter, Zumba, napping, one-liners, Kenny G, and coffee.  And Positive Psychology. And Forensic Psychology. I’m a 12 year veteran of blogging. Nope, that’s not a typo or an exaggeration. I’ve proudly had my writing published all over the internet.

Basically I’m a whole lot of crazy in one calm-cool-collected (kind of) package.

Now, maybe I should share some random stuff with you so you can feel like you really know me.

1. I have a cousin who was born the same day of the same year as I was. We consider ourselves “twins” and have always had this subliminal, awesome connection. She was my very first best friend.

2. Reading and words in general have always been my thing. I believe the story goes that I could read by the time I was 2. Or, at least memorizing the words to books. When I was in Kindergarten, I was in my own reading group, and the same with first grade. It was a little awkward to be all segregated early on in life, but I dealt with it.

3. Despite my adoration for words, I always test more better (ha!) in Math in standardized tests. I hate math.

4. Since I originate from South Jersey, I have a New Jersey accent to go with it. I can’t really tell that I have it, but people that I speak to who aren’t from the area can detect it.

5. I used to be addicted to soda. Pepsi. Coke. Diet Pepsi. Mountain Dew. I didn’t care, I’d drink it. I’ve tried quitting before, but I developed migraines. As of January 18th, 2013, I’ve quit again and am determined to shake it. It’s starting off with eliminating dark soda, and simply drinking clear soda when I have a craving. We’ll see where this goes.

6. My love for clinical psychology, and any kind of psychology is out of hand sometimes. I could watch the Investigation Discovery channel all day. I often do.

7. Music and I are BFFs. My guiltiest pleasures are Michael Bolton, Kenny G, Billy Ray Cyrus, 98 Degrees, and Clay Aiken. I’m not too guilty about it, to be perfectly honest. I’m ever on the hunt for some one who shares my musical love.

8. In 2012, I won the very prestigious 20SB Blogger I’d Most Like to Get a Drink With.

9. I have an obsession with the number 11.  Multiples of 11, too. I remember hearing about making a wish when it’s 11:11 and just always found that to be neat-o. Plus, 11 looks like a really organized number doesn’t it? And I heart some organization.

10. I love coffee. The way to my heart is absolutely via coffee. Or tea. Mostly coffee.

11. I have brother who is 4 years younger than I am. We don’t really speak. My father is 78 years old. Mom is 53. How’s that for May-December? Their secret? Divorce.

12. My favorite show is Dexter. I could watch it over and over and over again without getting tired of it. Second place goes to Grey’s Anatomy, which I’ve only recently (2013) begun watching. I killed S1-S8 in a month.

13. I’ve been diagnosed with Dysthymia, BiPolar, GAD… the list goes on. After a lot of soul searching, I’ve determined that I’m just human and any kind of chemical imbalance is not a sign of weakness. I’ve learned to treat my anxiety with a combination of low-dose medication, Zumba, and self love.

14. I celebrate my “life-a-versary” every year in celebration for each year I’ve come since being in a pretty dark place that had me considering suicide. This year, 2014, I turn 5 years old. I’m a very big supporter of Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention. I whole heartedly support TWLOHA and Band Back Together which both take some of the hardest things to say and make them “okay”.

15. In May 2013, I witnessed the passing of my Grandmother. While I keep my religious beliefs private and to myself, I believe that she is watching over me. I keep something of hers with me at all times – something different each day.

16. I am obsessed with Eos. I own one of every color, and 6 Sweet Mint. My favorite thing to do is apply Lemon Drop and then Sweet Mint.

17. If I had 3 wishes, one would be that Psychology Today would come out everyday, or at least every month, instead of every OTHER month.

18. The majority of my best friends are between the ages of 2 and 10. Kids are just so reliable.

19. I have a huge interest in personality tests and everything that gives me more insight to who I am. So far, I know that:




updated July 10th, 2013