Rumor Has It + My New Reading Habit

I’ll start off with a fun little story.

Once a upon a long time ago, I dated a man 10 years my senior. Long, tumultuous, 7 year story short, he was more into drugs than he was into me. Cheating was the norm, stealing money became expected, and emotionally damaging comments were just everyday happenings. One day, I grew up and moved on.

My brother has seen this winner of a man in jail a few times, and most recently in a local convenience store. The first thing that the ex asked for was my phone number. Luckily, my brother refused to give it. He then asked how I was, and said that he had heard that I had moved.

To Florida.

To do Porn.


I’m not quite sure where this rumor sprung from. Maybe it was the last bag of drugs he ingested. Or, maybe people be talkin’ yo.  I’m not even close to being worried about this little rumor so much as I am amused at it. If he had the mental capacity to Google Me, he’d see exactly what I’m up to: Owning my own business, kicking some ass and learning how to be authentically happy.

My friend, Mister Smalls said that if I had a porn name, it would be “Katie Cock-in-Hand”.

According to the internet Meme, My porn name would be Barney Roberts. (Name of First Pet + Name of The Street You Grew Up On).

Anyway. Just to clear the air, you special person, you.  I am not doing porn in Florida. Sorry about what you heard. Then again, I heard you were clean and off the drugs. So, so much for what we hear, eh?

Usually, I’m not a big book reader. Since I am an instantaneous gratification person by nature, I prefer to watch movies rather than read the book because I can watch the flick from beginning to end in about 2 hours.  Then, if I love the movie, I consider reading the book.

This blew up in my face with Dexter, though, since I watched Seasons 1-6, then moved onto the books. Jeff Lindsey, the author of the Dexter series has a very distinct voice that he created for the Dexter character in the book. This voice is nothing like the Dexter that Michael C. Hall has portrayed. So, I’m having a very hard time making it through Dexter the books. I think if I had read the series first, I’d have an appreciation for it. But even though different things occur in the book than in the series, I just can connect to the character on any level.

Last week, due to a recommendation from my best good friend @nessabegood, I started reading the Hunger Games. Since she’s all into Harry Potter, and I couldn’t even get past chapter 3 of the first book, I was hesitant. But she assured me I’d probably like it.

Last Sunday, I picked up the book and I was instantly in love with the voice of the speaker in the book, Katniss. (In the movie, I can totally picture Ellen Page in her Juno Role as Katniss. Seriously.) There was a point in the book where I got a little bored, but my friend insisted  that I just push through. I did, and the story picked up super quickly. I read it from cover to cover in a matter of 7 hours.

Then, I went right on to book number two in the series, Catching Fire. This one kept my attention throughout the entire book. This is probably because I was already familiar with all of the characters by now. There were parts where I chuckled, parts where I cried, and parts where I read it twice because the comment or dialogue was so heartwarming. I finished book 2 in 3 days.

I’m now on the final book in the series, MockingJay, and I’m about 3 chapters in. I plan on dedicating the weekend to finishing it because I really do want to see what happens at the end, since I hear it’s a big ending.

After I get through the Hunger Games trilogy, I plan on having tons of discussions with friends about it. I’d actually be interested in joining a bookclub, maybe.

Regardless, my friend, Vanessa and I have already started talking about what we want to move onto next. We  decided to try out the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Since I’ve seen just 2 Seasons of True Blood, and don’t really remember the details, I think I’ll enjoy the books, or I hope to.

I love that I’ve learned to love reading again. I’ve loved it since I was a child, but with how busy life gets, it’s so easy to ignore. But the accomplishment and satisfaction I feel after completing a book is completely worth it. Plus, one of my favorite things about reading books, is the discussion you can have with your friends about it. I forgot how much I love doing that.

What are YOU reading right now? Do you have any recommendations?


  1. Ugh. Exes.

    I would suggest you either push through Harry Potter, or maybe start on Book 3, as they are pretty great books! And keep going on Hunger Games!

    I read a lot of this British author named Terry Pratchett, who writes fantasy but in a very humorous way. Not for everyone, but he’s my favourite author, hands down!

    • Thanks for the suggestions, dearface. I’m taking nice notes right now! I really do want to keep reading. I feel so much smarter, if that makes sense. I really think I will try the Potter one more time. No promises. 😉

  2. Kristen Costa says:

    I’m reading MWF seeking BFF- how a woman moves to a new city & goes on a series of girl-dates trying to find a new best friend.. Quite witty & a great read! 

    • Adding this to my list NOW. But I’ll probably e-mail you and be all “KRISTEN! WHAT WAS THAT BOOK YOU RECOMMENDED TO ME?!” Just be prepared, okay?  🙂 

  3. I second the suggestion to try Harry Potter again! I didn’t like the first two books the first time I read them, but once I got through them I really loved the rest of the series. When I posted about my favorite children’s books at the beginning of the month, a lot of my readers said the exact same thing about Harry Potter. Trust me, it’s a fantastic series!

    • I might succumb into Harry Potter. I totally TRIED to read the first book a few years back but it was so so slow. But, I might just try to start one. more. time.

  4. Hi Katie! I have NO idea why I haven’t read your blog before today, but we clearly have a ton in common already. Hunger Games is THE series of books that got me back into reading like 3 years ago. I LOVE that series! I’m soso happy you’re loving it too, it’s totally one of those books that anyone can just enjoy, and I have no idea why. I love recommending it to everyone at work, ha! 🙂 

    Hope you like the ending, Catching Fire is still my favorite out of the three, but the whole series is so great!

    Also the whole thing with your ex? That is just nuts. How the heck do rumors like that even start? Anyone who’s read your blog or heard about you for like 5 seconds knows that makes NO sense whatsoever. Sigh. 

  5. OMG, Hunger Games! GAH! I am on the second book. I love them! I suggested my friend read it and with much persisting she bought the first book, that was two weeks ago. She has passed me and is almost done with the second and has already bought the third. 

    I plan to catch up tonight! I am going to be so sad when I finish the series. I just want them to keep going. 

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