Today Was a Good Day

“I had no idea it would be this much.
I had no idea that I could handle it.
I had no idea how beautiful it all actually is.”

Today was a good day.

I woke up to a catastrophic scene in my house. A pipe had burst, maybe. I’m no plumber. But there was definitely water, and it was definitely flowing from my ceiling and if I were good at metaphors I’d have a really good one right now.

For a few moments I went into Panic mode, because water fucking world in my living room was happening.

But then, with the help of my trusty side kick, we made the calls we needed to, and quickly realized that we had done everything that we could do, less calling trusty Mario and Luigi to bring Yoshi over for some magic fixings.

We thought “We could go out, and do retail therapy, or brunch,  but we should probably, you know hang out and watch the crack in the ceiling, just in case something suddenly happened.” And really, the subtle dripping of the water made for a little bit of a quiet oasis motif. And the world knows I could use a little zen.

So, we got into dry pajamas, assumed our positions on the couch, and proceeded to drink Mimosas and watch Law and Order SVU all day until lunch time.

Then we spent an hour figuring out what to order for lunch. We decided on pizza, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, fries, and homemade garlic dipping sauce.

About an hour after lunch (See 3:45 PM) I went up to my room to start vacation packing, and not much later I got a knock on my door:

“Katie, would you ever consider Ice Cream before dinner?”

It was that moment, when I grinned like I was probably about 5 and my best friend, Ryan, came and knocked on the door for me to come and play Eagle Eye Mysteries… It was in that moment that I felt happiness. Unfleeting happiness.

That happiness stuck with me as we made the plans of what kind of ice cream we were going to get and what kind of toppings. That happiness stuck with me while we went to the grocery store, joked about ‘sweating butter’ from our lunch of, well, melted butter and garlic. And that happiness stayed with me all the way on our journey home to when we made our individual ice cream sundaes, complete with mint oreos, swedish fish, that chocolate sauce that turns into a shell, and raw cookie dough, and laid out on the couch feeling SO FULL. and SO FOOD HUNGOVER. The happiness stayed.

For the first time in a while, I was able to live in a moment and really take in the people I was around and feel the feelings. We were all here together. Joking, laughing, eating. All day. We had no where else to be, but we could have gone anywhere. There was no time limit. No rules. No expectations. I felt like I belonged, and I did.

While I’m sure that deep down some of us secretly were wanting to be with someone else if given the chance, the reality of impossibility was exactly what some of us needed to realize that what we did have was each other, right now and that was enough.

It’s rare, you know? One minute you’re strangers, and then somehow along the way you become friends, and then a bit more. That space in the middle where you have that tell-all-coffee-date or that eye-opening-walk through center city are lost with the other memories you have stashed in your camera photos or instagram feed. It’s easy to remember the hashtags, but it’s a bit more difficult to remember the feelings. But those are what feel so good, why can’t we hashtag a feeling? I mean, can we? Work on this for me, smart people.

But today, I got to witness three people who were once strangers, then mere acquaintances take things to a whole new level.

I felt alive. I felt happy. I felt my bones ignite. Again. and Again.

If “I want to write about you!” didn’t sound so incredibly weird, I would have said that in the very moment that we all dug into our pizza and dipped it into the garlic sauce.

But I had to write about them. 

Because today, today was a good day.