the Vacation Post


Tomorrow I fly back to Philadelphia after 8 lovely days spent in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida. As with most vacations, the time went incredibly quickly. As much as I hate hot weather, I basked in the sun as much as possible and got a little (lot) tan. I’d usually use vacation time to spend all day in bed, but I didn’t. (Overcoming SAD for the win!)

Of course today, on my last day here, I not only got some sun blisters (ow!) I also got the overwhelming desire to go out and do things.

I finally went to the cute little French Cafe that’s a block from the condo and had the macaroons. I took a look at the view of the Gulf from each of the 6 floors. I used the Google to look for local hot spots. Waiting until the last minute, because I crave the feeling of cramming things in. (TWSS) True to Katie form.

The majority of my time was spent by the pool, or on the balcony, or watching Grey’s Anatomy, or in my friends’ condo, or watching sunsets, or laying on the most comfortable sheets I’ve ever slept in.

I also got to see my dad twice. That in itself made this entire trip worth it. Though saying goodbye was the hardest ever.

There were so many moments during this trip when I wished “this one” were here or “that one” were here. (Probably, you, internet!)  I wouldn’t say I was lonely, there was always someone to talk to and I even met a new friend or two in my wandering around the resort. But a lot of things here remind me of my closest crew and life back home. Sunsets and songs and names of stores and overheard conversations. It would have been great to share the moments with the people they reminded me of.

There were no amazing realizations on this trip. (Other than the part where I again realized that I wait until the last minute to do shit.) To be honest, I was a bit disappointed on that front. Not that I expected to come here as a vacation from stressful life and have it be cured… … but maybe I was looking for some sort of undeniable sign of which way to go in a few areas that I’m questioning.

I do believe, however in the whole diddy that “Everything happens for a reason”, and maybe this vacation gave me just the amount of down time needed to ignite the internet soul searching that I want to do.

Off to go take in my final, gorgeous sunset of this vacation.